Gustavo Martinez Talks about the Marketing Industry

Gustavo Martinez has experience in the marketing field for thirty-five years. During this period, he was managing a couple of valuable organizations in the industry where he was responsible for supervising the establishment of iconic ads that are very critical for the businesses.

Gustavo was the chief executive officer of some of Walter Thompson Worldwide firm, which is one of the biggest and the superior marketing organization over the globe. He was also the president of various organizations like Ogilvy and Mather, and McCann Worldgroup organizations. He also served in Prince Waterhouse and Henkel firms.

During an interview, Gustavo said that consultation is a simple means of talking of a sole contractor who is capable of offering high-quality services in an approach and corporate level. He further went on saying that consultation if a very key thing in the marketing field.

Gustavo aid that the advisory approach has faced challenges, but it has been able to prove that consulting has offered the best outcome for many years. He said that before he served in the consultation industry before he became the chief executive officer and president of the largest organization.

Martinez advised that people who are joining the advertising filed from other fields should know that the advertising field relies on creativity. He said that the business is not the same as other businesses that have a defined procedure that is well structured.

Any organizations require reliable staff who are able to finish their shifts and do their work with competence, and that the processes of the operations are mostly repetitive and with a certain formula.

But, the advertising business is the other way round. Advertising is mostly seen as a type of art, and each organization has a wide artistry procedure, the same way a painter has a procedure of directing operations. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench and Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase


Gustavo said that just like any other business marketing businesses faces challenges. And this made Gustavo Martinez concentrate on advertising in his career and being a leader.

However, the force that moves the advertising business is pure creativity. Gustavo said that the companies he has worked for have an aspect of looking at employment as a science. The companies look for pure talents that are in the globe just like their competitors do.

They look for creativity in every fresh graduate they are recruiting. This helps the companies to hire the best staff who are able to bring the best output and who can work as sole contractors. And that is what makes an advisory framework perform best in the advertising sector.

Gustavo went on saying that his company wishes to transform the rate of progress to ninety percent from ten percent by using an approach of total advertising customization. He said that he wants to assist emerging companies, existing organizations and advertisers to use the best advertising, principles of strategy, and creating products.

The Elite Expansion of Gulf Coast Western

Texas is home to the most forward oil and gas success and Gulf Coast Western of Dallas is no exception.

Founded in 1970, this oil and gas leader has achieved immense success through their integrity and intelligence. Lead by president and CEO Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western’s dedication has earned them a rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

Fleeger began his entrepreneurial journey at Southern Methodist University. Following in his father’s footsteps with ambition, he worked for years to gain the knowledge and experience of the oil and gas industry that would come in handy later when he lead the family company. Since 2007, Fleeger has fearlessly lead the company that his father started with pride.

Expertly managing risk combined with an aggressive ability to expand gives Gulf Coast Western the edge in the South. This grand LLC has climbed to southern domination from its humble beginnings in the hills of Texas. Through smart partnerships and honest transparency, Gulf Coast Western has grown significantly and truly earned their acres. Locations in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and even Colorado have been obtained through their numerous deals. By making savvy acquisitions, this Texas-born empire has set an example for the rest of the industry.

As its name suggests, Gulf Coast Western focuses their research and resources on the oil-rich Gulf Coast reserves. However, their focus is not by any means their limitation. With partnerships already spreading as far north as Colorado, this company has made it clear that they plan to expand.

The key to the vast coverage that Gulf Coast Western boasts is the ability to seamlessly manage work within partnerships. The navigation of these deals is a key component of the industry that Gulf Coast Western has mastered. Combining skills and resources with the spirit of collaboration makes the company that much stronger.

Article Title: Vijay Eswaran: A Successful Entrepreneur and A Malaysian Legend

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Vijay Eswaran is the chairman of QI Group of Firms. He is a business person, an author and a philanthropist whose origins are rooted to Malaysia. He has authored 6 books with his most recent publication of the year 2016 referred to as, Two Minutes from The Abyss. He chairs the Council of Quest International University Perak, Malaysia. He holds a Bachelor of Economics Degree accredited to the University of London. He funded his education by taking on several jobs, which he did in his spare time.

In the 18th Education Summit held in Malaysia, he was presented with an Education Entrepreneurship award. Global Organization for People of Indian Origin recognized Vijay Eswaran as an International Leader in Business Strategies globally. Other awards he has been recognized in include CEO Business Award, Malaysia, and a Lifetime Achievement Award recognizing him as a Global Entrepreneur. He attained his Economics and Global Business Horary Doctorate from the University of Pannasastra, in 2016, Cambodia. He advocates powerfully for the theme: Raise Yourself to Help Mankind.

Raise Yourself to Help Mankind encouraged him in the foundation of Vijayaratnam Foundation as well as RYTHM Foundation. Vijayaratnam Foundation and RYTHM Foundation work in partnership with domestic and global Non-Government Organizations, and community organizations to mentor and empower youth and women development and offer special education. He was listed in Forbes Heroes of Philanthropy, Asia. During the third World Economic Forum held in China, he was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award in his work as a Regional Philanthropist.

Vijay Eswaran explained that the idea of establishing QI Group cane from QNET. His passion for network advertising began while he was studying in university. He was rather unsure while presenting the QNET network concept during a presentation on network advertisement. He later realized that Direct Selling technique could work out.

Vijay Eswaran saw this as business opportunity in networking and as an economist. He does not consider the process of bringing ideas to life singular. QI Group was founded on the basis of disrupting the thinking pattern and proceeded to see the company as an international firm.

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The US money reserve cautions against a looming recession

The US economy has been on a good run in the last 100 months. Stocks have been consistently gaining and unemployment rates are at four percent. However, do not let this lie to you that the economy will continue in this trajectory.

According to expert predictions, despite the US economy doing well, the cyclical nature of the economy could lead to a recession. Economic experts say that despite the negative vibes about recessions, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It is just a natural cyclical process. It is just a way for the economy to readjust itself. Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and US Money Reserve | Manta

The US Money Reserve in a video published said that recession is likely to occur when labor becomes scarce, thus forcing the wages to rise. This trend causes various businesses to stop hiring in a bid to limit the expenses incurred. The Federal Reserve, on the other hand, reacts by raising interest rates. Eventually, these events slow down the growth of the economy.

When the economy begins to slow down, many businesses cannot sell to as many people as they did before. This combined with high wages means that the profits will start to drop. A drop in profits affects the value of stocks negatively, and this ultimately affects Wall Street and the banks.

Delaying recessions

Since most banks have an interest in Wall Street, they cannot just sit and watch as the economy slows and investments lost. They, therefore, try to come up with policies that can mitigate the situation. Politicians also have an interest in delaying recessions.

Most politicians believe that if a recession occurs when they are in office, the people will blame them for not doing enough, and this could lead to political losses. The politicians feel that the voters may be upset because of the high unemployment levels and a slowing economy. As such, many politicians try to delay recessions as long as possible.

About the US money reserve

The US money reserve is an organization operating at a national level. Its operations involve the provision of government issued coins, including silver, platinum, and gold coins.

Its team of executives is dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service. By enabling you to buy gold coins, the firm allows you to maintain or grow your wealth even during a recession.

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Media Meeting Tips: Type of Questions a Reporter Asks & How to Take care of Them

Journalists are excellent at asking concerns. In some cases, their questions are incredibly tricky, inquisitorial or accusatorial.

Whatever kind of concerned journalists include, you should always show up poised and also confident in answering. An excellent way to handle the scenario is to be prepared with the most challenging concerns. It’s the only means you can have a successful media meeting.

Although it is hard to expect what reporters may likely ask, it’s far better to be prepared than to be captured off-guard. Listed below, we have described the type of inquiries that journalists may probably ask during a meeting:

The introductory concern.

Occasionally, the very first concern is one of the most challenging inquiries they ask. You have prepared concerning what they will potentially ask you like, “What’s your tale all about” or “Exactly how do you come up with your brand-new product,” however unexpectedly, they asked a various question that you’re not even prepared to respond to in any way.

Often, radio reporters or TV supports ask this sort of concern, “You look great today, exactly how do you keep that appearance?” or something like “You look so young, what’s the key?” The secret is to be as tranquil as feasible as well as concentrate on responding to the question.

Concerns that you do not even understand the response.

Some reporters ask inquiries that are challenging to respond to. If it’s a live meeting, and also you were asked: “What do you assume is the effect of climate change in Antarctica?” The best way to address this is not to tell them “I don’t recognize.”

Instead, tell them what you know. Try as much as possible to respond to discuss what you understand. You may begin with a sentence like, “That might be uncertain, yet what I can claim is …” By doing this, you don’t undercut your integrity amongst the audiences.

Inquiries that call to hypothesize.

Some press reporters ask questions like, “Will authorize the costs?” It’s apparent that this inquiry is utilized when reporters wish to obtain the viewpoint of the interviewee.

If you’re uncertain of what to answer, you may manage it by stating, “I do not want to hypothesize, but I assume the expense has a high opportunity of obtaining the head of state’s authorization as a result of …” If you supply a direct solution, it may be used against you and also may impact your integrity permanently.

Inquiries that ask for personal viewpoint.

Some press reporters will ask, “In your opinion, what firm uses the most effective items in the market?” Keep in mind that you are not offering a personal point of view, yet the viewpoint of the business. Keep in mind that if you are a spokesperson or CEO of a firm, whatever you say in public is on behalf of your brand.

If you made a negative statement, and also you safeguarded that it’s an individual onion, you’re slipping up. Once you become part of a company, you stand for the company and also whatever you say reflects your brand. Take care of what you claim because it may either make or damage your brand name.

A friendly question.

You need to be mindful when responding to a chatty inquiry. Some interviewees make blunders by answering the reporter straight, without even assuming that it can be made use of versus the brand name. As an example, although the initial inquiry may look extremely casual as well as pleasant like, “You look fresh, have you been on vacation recently?

If you tell the reporter that it’s due to the fact that you took a holiday in Asia, but later the information checks out that your brand is suffering reduced wage concerns, you might, later on, be sorry for why you addressed it in this way. Constantly recognize what’s taking place in your brand and also listen when answering questions.

Repeating an adverse language.

Some press reporters will state, “Isn’t it pointless? Do you believe it wears?” If you answered, “Yes, it is worthless since …” Bear in mind that an unfavorable statement may be utilized against the brand name although a reporter first used it.

Asking for a background.

Although you were asked all the relevant questions, some paid press release distribution service reporters may all of a sudden ask statistics, facts or numbers merely to support the statements. This is great, yet you should be upset if this will be just utilized as a history, or it will undoubtedly be also quoted.

If you can address all the above concerns effectively, you have found out the skills that are frequently educated in media training courses. You currently understand one of the most commonly asked concerns of reporters, like what is your story, why is it intriguing, what advantages it offers, and so forth.

It’s always great to be prepared at all times. Keep in mind that whatever you say might be quoted to you as well as your brand.

Zilch Technology Founder Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is an entrepreneur who is the founder of a company called Zilch Technologies. Originally from France, Belamant and his family moved to South Africa when he was a teenager. While living in South Africa, Serge attended Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg. He studied computer science and technology while he was a student at this university. After finishing college in South Africa, Serge went on to work for a number of companies in different industries. One of the types of businesses that he was very active with was technology. He founded Zilch Technologies and built it into one of the most successful in the industry. Serge Belamant recently sat down to talk about his career and past accomplishments.

When it came to starting his own business, Serge Belamant was influenced by his son. While spending time with his son, Serge talked about developing a social media platform to help sell financial products to young people. As a result, Serge developed Zilch which offered people all over the world the knowledge necessary to make better decisions regarding their finances. View Serge Belamant’s profile at Linkedin.

In terms of making money, Serge Belamant believes that in order to make money, he has to design products that people will use on a regular basis. He believes that there must be a need that must be met among consumers in order to have a successful business. According to Serge Belamant, if you offer something that people need, the money will come.

After founding Zilch Technologies, Serge Belamant said that it took time to make his company profitable. While building his business, Serge says that it was a learning process that required him to learn valuable lessons that were necessary for future success. One of the things he mentioned was that failures helped him find out what works and what doesn’t. As a result, he was able to reach his full potential.

In order to market his business and get customers, Serge believes that word of mouth is the best way to increase business. He believes that introducing products and services to family and friends will help get the word out about the business. Then more people will find out along with satisfied customers. This will eventually make the business get all of the customers it needs in order to reach its financial goals.

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Article Title: Steve Ritchie Hires Star Brand Ambassador

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Steve Ritchie has been doing a lot in his position as the president of Papa John’s and their efforts to make a company culture that is far more inclusive and diverse. One of the newest efforts to change and grow the brand is the appointment of a new member of their board and spokesperson. These positions were recently filled by Shaquille O’Neal who first became interested in Papa John’s after speaking to Steve Ritchie at O’Neals Superbowl Party. The company was in the middle of diversity efforts and O’Neal appreciated the changes that he was already seeing in the company and considered becoming the owner of a franchise.

While Steve Ritchie has faith in Papa John’s, he knows that the customers want more. With someone such as Shaquille O’Neal showing their support of the brand, he believes that it may have a positive impact on the brand and help them regain the trust and loyalty of their customers throughout the United States. The 3 year deal between the Louisville company and O’Neal was completed for $8.25 million in stocks and cash. Steve Ritchie is happy to bring the entrepreneur to Papa John’s executive team. Shaquille O’ Neal is not only accomplished in basketball, but he has also followed pursuits in film, television, business, and music. He is currently a spokesperson for other types of products outside of the pizza business.

Steve Ritchie believes that the large investment that Papa John’s has been making into their brand will have good results. While it may be a difficult process, it will all be worth it, in the end, to show the world that the company is proud of what they stand for. Shaquille O’Neal already has experience in restaurants as a franchise owner and is expected to bring a good deal of knowledge to the team. One of the benefits for Shaquille O’Neal is that Steve Ritchie promised that Papa John’s pizza would always be covered. This is a benefit that O’Neal is sure to take advantage of which is a great way to get people talking about the company and their relationship with O’Neal.

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Rebel Wilson Stages a Unique Birthday Celebration

Rebel Wilson celebrated her birthday on 2nd March in a unique way. She posted her pictures with her friends and relatives on instagram confirming that she had had a great day celebrating turning 39.

In the posts, she was featured taking a cake-making class and trying what she referred to as “CATZERCISE”, a unique form of exercise in town. Additionally, she posted two videos on instagram which featured her dancing alongside her friends. In the caption, the CATs star said that they were trying out some dance moves they had rehearsed for 30 minutes with cat costumers on. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

The Pitch Perfect actress also revealed that her friends threw her a surprise birthday party which ended in CATZERCISE in Beverly Hills. She promoted CATZERCISE saying that people should try it out. In her words, it is the best way to get that hot Summer bod.

On her big day, Rebel Wilson took a cake-making class at Milk Bar. Afterward, she made her own birthday cake, a lovely thing to do in such a big day. She couldn’t be excited enough for the opportunity to learn how to make a cake at Milk Bar. At the end of the day, they went back to eat four pizzas. In Wilson’s words, that’s how to throw a surprise birthday party.

Rebel Wilson has made it big in the film and entertainment industry. She hails from Sydney in Australia and after graduating from the Australian Theatre for Young People, Wilson followed her dreams appearing in ‘pizza’, ‘Bargain’, ‘The Wedge’ and others.

In recognition of her roles, she was awarded ‘Tropfest Best Actress Award’. Additionally, she was featured in the “Top Ten Comics to Watch for 2011”. She was also featured in “Pitch Perfect”, a musical comedy that opened up many opportunities for her. She featured in the musical comedy series as Fat Amy.

Wilson’s Instagram fans also got to see a picture of the actress with the cast. Rebel Wilson said that the cast crew is an incredible team. She stars in the upcoming movie as Jennyanydots and she stars alongside Idris Elba, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Hudson, and James Corden.

Rebel Wilson stated that Taylor Swift is an incredible actress who brings a sultry vibe to the movie character Bombalurina. She also thinks that Taylor Swift’s cat is the cutest. Sometime last year, Tylor Swift treated Wilson with costar gifts with a ballet dancer known as Eric Underwood.

The successful actress grew up in a family that encouraged her to pursue her dreams. She believes that she is the funniest in her family. She said that hard work and determination has been the pillar for her success.

She starred in “Isn’t It Romantic”, a recently released rom-com. Rebel Wilson appeared in A Few Best Men, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and Struck by Lightning.

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Heather Parry’s Awesome Tactics in the Film Industry

Heather Parry

Heather Parry takes the administrative role as the current president of Live Nation Productions. She is a highly-respected figure in the entertainment realm. Her company was recently involved with the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper film known as A Star Is Born. The show was listed among the hugest films of the year in the industry. Heather explained that she is well conversant with Bradley. Therefore the minute she heard that Bradley Cooper was going to direct the show, she immediately called his agent, Dave Bugliari. At the time, Dave was on a ski lift and Heather just wanted to know how Live Nation would be associated with the movie.

Heather Parry went ahead to lay down the assets her company possessed that would help market the film. Dave was taken aback by all that and informed her that he was on a ski lift. However, he still called Heather back and even talked to Cooper. Later that evening, she attended the Martha Stewart’s dinner party which was held at Bill Gerber’s house. Bill Gerber was one of the film’s producers and this was Heather’s opportunity. All Heather could talk about was business while pitching Bill on the movie. Eventually, the whole production crew met with Heather and she showed them the Live Nation’s media marketing deck. She also proved her passion towards A Star Is Born and that is how the company got to work with the film.

Heather Parry’s relentless drive is the most significant ingredient in the success of Live nation productions. She never lets any business opportunity pass and the energy involved is enough to take the company to another level. In 2015, she launched a film and television division that has since then worked on incredible projects. Heather has been involved with other celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa, Noah Cyrus, French Montana and many more.

How Dr. Saad Saad Uses Medicine to Inspire The Society

Dr . Saad Saad is an inspirational doctor whose influence enables many individuals to associate with him quickly. Through his career, the pediatrician embraced hard work thus that brought success and innovation to his side. During most interviews, you will notice that the doctor contains exciting and inspirational stories to the generation.

Moreover, his children adapted a lot of simple lessons from him that made them successful. Recently, the doctor retired after working in the medicine department for 47 years. However, Dr. Saad Saad became influential in the field of innovation, service, and sacrifice.

Even though the interviewer did not have any idea about the doctor, it later turned out that his story was influential. By analyzing his motivation, you will notice that you can accomplish anything in life. Moreover, he insists on people working hard in everything that they do.

Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad

Through his birth in Palestinian, Dr. Saad Saad learned how to handle a lot of life challenges. At that time, the country was experiencing a lot of drastic measures that helped to shape him into an influential person. During the changes, Israel was created; hence it enabled many people to be relocated to other places.

For instance, his family was among some of the people who relocated to other areas. While his father worked, Dr. Saad Saad’s mother boarded the bus and left with her children. Without the key, she hoped for an earlier return which was never the case.

Later, his father learned that the family had relocated to West Bank after searching for them for a very long time. By the help of a boat, he crossed the river to the other side of the land where he found them. At that time, he worked in the petroleum industry as a skilled mechanic.

The skilled laborers would produce oil and help in its transportation towards the middle east. Though Dr. Saad Saad spent much time in Kuwait learning from his father, the later would remind him of the toughness of life. Since his family did not have any future, Dr. Saad Saad’ s father warned him to work hard in life so that he could receive respect in the future.

His turning point

While in high school, he visited a construction site in Kuwait. At that time, the weather was scorching; hence he fainted. When he regained his consciousness, he realized that the was meant to be a doctor. Since the country contained only one conditioned hospital, the doctor thought that it would be useful to venture in the field.


The weather motivated him to pursue a career in medicine hence being a resourceful in society. Besides, he urges the youth to pursue their dreams regardless of their background. For instance, he gives an example of a successful Palestinian refugee in a refugee as a motivation to them.

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