Reputation is Everything for Online Entrepreneurs

Avoiding the inevitable problem of having to deal with negative comments on the Internet is a fool’s play. Even if your business has been running smoothly and all your customers are pleased with your results, negative comments against you and your business are going to happen. Whether it is due to jealous competitors or people who just like to be picky, you are going to have to face some blowback. The question is how to deal with it in such a way that keeps your reputation intact.

The following list will give you a good foundation on which to build an online reputation defense strategy from.

DO NOT GET PERSONAL: Defending your honor is one thing, but attacking back is another. When your words are as loud and offensive as your attackers are, it insinuates an air of guilt. Not exactly the impression you want your current and potential customers to have.

SET YOUR CURRENT CUSTOMER’S MINDS AT EASE / OFFER MORE VALUE: Never let your customers think that there is no future in your business. Ease their tensions from the negative feedback by reaffirming that business will go on as usual. You may even want to run a sale or offer a free service or product to keep your loyal customers “loyal”.

STAY FOCUSED: There was a reason you became an entrepreneur in the first place. Focusing on that reason will help you get past any defamation roadblocks you encounter by keeping you in a positive frame of mind. Your attitude towards the situation will come through even if all you are doing is responding through the medium of words on an online platform. Negative comments feed off of negativity and a positive outlook destroys them.

GET HELP: There are professionals out there that are experts in protecting and defending against online negative reviews and comments. The strategies they employ are advanced ones, so it will not be possible for you to implement them alone unless you made it your life’s work to do so. One such source that I highly recommend for cleaning up search results is

Haters are always going to hate, so use the strategies above to spread some love. If you feel that defending your reputation is too daunting a task, check out They are experts in removing bad search results and dealing with negative articles, bad business reviews, derogatory PDF’s and negative review sites.

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Malini Saba – Investing in the Future of Women and Children Around the World

Malini Saba is one of the most well-known investors and philanthropists of South Asian origin who is using her own investment funds to help communities around the world. As a founder of the investment company, Saban, she is also credited with making numerous successful investments in the developing nations, where other investors are reluctant to invest. As such, she actively managed investments in oil and gas industries in Asia and China. Similarly, her intuition to invest in the real estate of Australia and India during a weak local economy proved the right decision in the long-run.

Early Career

Perhaps, the risk-taking appetite was due to the lessons learned from investing in tech industries of the United States when such companies as Yahoo and EBay were at the early stage of their development. For instance, her investment in Paypal and Juniper Network brought her great fortune. She also gained massive capital from stocks of Yahoo and EBay. Instead of accumulating wealth, Malini Saba decided to put her money to good use by contributing heavily to humanitarian causes.

Philanthropist Activities

In 2001, Malini started “Stree: Global Investments in Women, a ground-breaking project for the women of low-income families. The project empowers women to interact with the community and play a more active role in the society. The project was inaugurated by U.S. president Bill Clinton and Queen Noor of Jordan. Not only it helps women gain access to legal and health initiatives, but the project also allows women to participate in programs related to public policy. Currently, the program operates in Africa, Central America, India and East Europe.

Saba Malini also donates considerable time in dealing with charities and non-profits. In 2004, she pledged nearly $10 million dollars for the development projects in the Tsunami struck, Sri Lanka. Just one year later, she also donated $1 Million to the first ever Heart Research Center for South Asians at El-Camino Hospital, Mountain View, California. Besides, Malini has invested heavily in philanthropic causes related to the well-being of children.

Nutrimost Taking Video Matter To Court

Nutrimost is a weight loss and health company that is committed to bringing its patients better healthy without prescribing them medicine. They are committed to educating and guiding them towards a healthier lifestyle. This is in response to what they say is a healthcare industry that is too quick to prescribe medicine to cover up symptoms instead of treating the actual cause of a person’s health issues. They use what they call the Nutrimost Resonant Frequency.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

This program has led to great success for the company and its clients. Some people have lost over 40 lbs in just their first month on the Nutrimost program. Naturally, the success of a company is going to lead to imitators coming along and trying to glean off of the success of that company. Nutrimost claims that Healthy Living, a weight loss company based in Pennsylvania is doing just this. These claims stem from a video that they say was stolen off of their website to post on the other website.

Nutrimost claims that a promotional video was taken off of their website and posted for use as Healthy Living video. When the two videos are compared the similarities are striking. Both videos have the same doctor and customer testimonials.

Nutrimost originally reacted by having their legal team send a letter asking them to take the video down. HL responded by just putting up a minorly edited version of their video. This was not enough to satisfy Nutrimost.

They have taken the matter to court and are suing their rival for $300,000. This is a result of monetary damages they say they incurred from loss of business. It is also to rectify the diminished reputation they say they received.

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