Jason Halpern And JMH Development Are Staying True To The Philosophy Of Historical Preservation

Jason Halpern is the principal of JMH development. This full service real estate development firm has a broad experience in developing the leading residential and commercial properties across the United States. It uses an innovative approach to design unique properties in the luxury segment. The firm has been a pioneer in the creation of the most distinctive and excellently positioned buildings. Over the years, the company has been involved in constructing different landmark establishments in the most desirable markets of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Miami Beach.


Jason took charge of the family enterprise in 2010. Currently, JMH has $500 million, which is invested in state projects in New York. These projects include a development on 184 Kent where the company is changing a warehouse into luxury apartments. At the end of the project, 340 apartments will be ready for occupation. Halpern’s firm is the developer of the Cobble Hill project that adds 9 more luxury townhouses to the Brooklyn area. Jason and JMH Development remain dedicated to establishing new and creative buildings for commercial and rental purposes.


JMH’s team of experts is well experienced in each area of the development and construction process. The company has unrivaled expertise in constructing mixed-use properties besides engaging in hospitality and residential segments. The process ranges from due diligence and strategy, to site & building design, construction, branding, and marketing. By combining innovative and outstanding development skills, distinctive marketplace knowledge, JMH is dedicated to delivering unique properties. In addition, the company’s success has been enhanced by its helpful on-site proficiency. JMH focuses on restoration of historic buildings and adaptive reuse of projects, which is in line with its philosophy of historic preservation.

True to its philosophy, JMH through its principal, Jason Halpern, announced a topping out of the Aloft South Beach. Located at the center of Miami Beach, the 235-room hotel project was developed by JMH Development in collaboration with Madden Real Estate Ventures. It is an adaptive reuse of Motel Ankara. The property comprises of a new eight-story tower. Plaza Construction was responsible for the building of the entity. ADD Inc. served as the architect of the project. Aloft South Beach was the first modern developed hotel to be launched in South Beach since 2009. It offers considerably bigger rooms that average accommodations. The rooms have more than 360 square feet of additional space relative to the others.


In addition, it offers access to Lake Pancoast. It is near the Miami Beach Convention Center, the Bass Museum of Art, multiple art galleries, restaurants, boutiques, and several nightclubs.


Great Accomplishments of James Dondero

Not long ago, James Dondero, founder and chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management was appointed as one of the members of the prominent Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business executive board. Dondero is expected to enhance the association between his company and the university. Currently, the two institutions are partnering on an amazing program known as Highland Capital Management Tower scholars. This program aims at encouraging and empowering professional and academic pursuits in public policy. Additionally, it also supports George W. Bush President library as well as the wonderful museum by contributing reasonable amount of funds.

Cox School at SMU largely contributes and supports the vibrant business community in Dallas Texas of which Highland Capital is one of the many beneficiaries. James Dondero mentioned that he is honored to help with the numerous excellence and growth initiatives currently taking place in Dallas. SMU Cox executive board comprises of approximately 100 appointed members. Most of the board members are non-academicians and their major role is advising the school on important strategic planning matters. As a tradition, the executive board holds its meetings three times a year that is in winter, spring and fall.

Dondero’s Career Background

Dondero’s professional experience lies in credit strategies mainly private equities and hedge funds. He is a graduate of Virginia University where he earned two distinct degrees in accounting and finance. Through his firm, Dondero offers a wide range of credit strategies to international clients. He is also well versed with knowledge and experience in alternative investments which include identifying emerging markets. Over the years, James Dondero has provided alternative investment services to different financial firms, public pension companies, endowments as well as the wealthy people.

Apart from being the CEO of Highland Capital, Dondero serves other important positions in different executive boards. Currently, he serves as the head of CCS Medical, Cornerstone and NexBank executive board. Dondero cofounded Highland Capital in 1993 with his close friend Mike Okada. The firm operates in Dallas. It also has other satellite offices located in Singapore, Seoul, Sao Paulo and New York. Dondero registered the firm with Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisor.



John Goullet Helps Build The Diverse World Of Diversant

John Goullet is an entrepreneur and is a professional in the IT tech staffing industry. He began his career in 1994 as an IT consultant, and then made his way to IT staffing. Working on both sides of the spectrum gave him a variety of perspective on the industry. He used his experience and knowledge to found Info Technologies, which provided IT staffing solutions to companies all over the country. Within 5 years of its founding, Goullet’s company was worth $30 million and was placed on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing U.S. firms.

Goullet’s vision grew and he realized he could go even further by teaming up with others. His company merged with Diversant Inc. Together, they formed Diversant LLC. After the merger, John became the company’s Principal.

Even during economic downturn, Diversant has thrived. Goullet’s professionalism has helped drive the company and his enthusiasm has helped maintain the company’s good ethics and discipline. He has a firm belief in teamwork that has helped him continuously build the company. Diversant is now the biggest African-American owned company in the country. They even hold a certification as a minority-owned business enterprise.

John Goullet is proud of the company’s success. The firm’s new recognition is just further proof that they are more than capable of delivering IT staffing services to top-notch clients. Diversant’s commitment is tied to their core values as a company and those values have helped them to become the success they are today.

Diversant’s core values set them apart from other firms. They are dedicated to conducting their business with integrity while following their core values and ethical practices. Their core values include ethical behavior, disciplined teamwork, professional development and respect for others.

Diversant believes in diversity in every form. They believe diversity encourages innovation and creative thinking. They also believe it leads to better problem solving skills. Diversity helps build strength in communities and connects them with varying markets. Diversant believes diversity gives them a competitive edge.

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Securus Is Making A Difference For Inmates Safety

Securus Technologies is located in Texas and helps to take care of 1,200,000 all over North America. They have made a commitment to help ensure the world becomes a safer place to be. They specialize in technological solutions for not only civil, but criminal cases.


Securus Technologies provides technology applications involving justice for criminals. They are a leader regarding issues of safety for the public, investigations, and equipment used for monitoring purposes. They have found a way to help stop crimes involving inmates turning on each other.


Securus receives letter from different prisons, and jail staffing regarding some of the issues they have to deal with. They are trying to make jails safer for the inmates. Securus stated that new products have been developed quickly to help the prevention of crimes by corrections staff.


Securus has been instrumental in retrieving phone calls needed to get a warrant. This led to the arrest of a corrections staff member who was extremely corrupt, and smuggling in contraband. Securus uses their technology to monitor calls to prevent many issues. This includes helping prevent covert money transfers, illegal drugs, and alcohol usage by inmates to name a few.


Securus has been offering technology for more than ten years. With this technology, the security inside jails is getting better, and there is less contraband in the facilities. Proper investigations into threats or harassing behavior are also possible because of Securus. In short, they have indeed made a positive difference.

InnovaCare Hails As The Largest Health Care Provider In North America

Beneficiaries across the world rely on the InnovaCare name and managed health care services making them the largest provider in North America. They provide superior coverage to thousands of people across the industry and have an estimated 56,900+ beneficiaries on their managed Medicare Advantage Plan. The cost of prescription medication doesn’t have to stop their patients from getting well says, Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA and President & Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare. They believe in putting their clients first to ensure that they get the superior coverage that is backed by the InnovaCare name.

InnovaCare Health has a beneficiary plan that extends services and allows you to get important services that aren’t available under the original Medicare plan that includes routine dental and visual. Their beneficiaries can get treatment for their eyes, get an eye exam, or be fit for glasses and have it covered under their managed health care policy. Clients are also expected to decided between a part A & B plan to go along with their prescription drug coverage Part D plan.

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Penelope Kokkinides, Assistant Chief Executive Officer has decided to work closely with the new board members to create immediate services for their beneficiaries at InnovaCare. Often times, the low income and the elderly miss out on services that they really need to live a productive and healthy life. InnovaCare is committed to quality manageable health care services to meet the needs of anyone that is eligible for their services. As a managed health care provider the needs of their clients are first. They listen to what their beneficiaries have to say and bring superior services to the forefront to meet their needs.

InnovaCare can be accessed from one of their land based offices including a location in New Jersey. However, for immediate assistance you can talk to one of their knowledgeable representatives for more details. Their official online website has a list of services and program on Facebook offers that are available to their clients. They will give you a free phone consultation that will allow you to put together a comprehensive managed Medicare Advantage that works for your medical needs and your budget. Take the first steps in managing your health care needs with a great plan for the leading physician services experts at InnovaCare.