Philanthropist Eric Lefkofsy Advocates for Data-Driven Cancer Treatment

Doctors in the frontlines in the battle against cancer need data. Not every cancer is the same, and not every patient has the same physical condition. Theses oncologists focus on molecular data to know if a prescribed treatment will work for their patient.But philanthropist Eric Lefkofsky, whose wife Liz has been diagnosed with breast cancer, is questioning whether these cancer specialists are getting the right data.“Gathering molecular data is only half the story, said Lefkofsky in an interview earlier this month at the Fortune Brainstorm Health conference in San Diego.“If you don’t gather clinical data as well, it’s like a puzzle with only half the pieces there,” said Lefkofsky.

After sitting in clinics with his wife Liz and visiting 62 of the 69 National Cancer Institute centers, Lefkofsky described the cancer treatment industry as, in his words, “broken.”He used the example of Herceptin, a breast cancer treatment drug. Why does it work on 40 percent of patients and not the others? What are the conditions of the 60 percent? Are they diabetic? What drugs are they taking? Lefkofsky sees a need to have these answers.So in 2015 he formed Tempus, a technology company with a mission to build the world’s largest source of molecular and clinical data with an easily accessible operating system for clinicians, researchers, insurance companies and biotech companies.

“My goal is to get most people starting in oncology and then those working on neurological disorders to use our platform to collect data for analysis,” said Lefkofsky. Lefkofsky believes that the free flow of data will help.Lefkofsky has been charmingly described by some as a “serial entrepreneur.” When he sees a need, whether in society or industry, he takes action.Lefkofsky is the co-founder of the global e-commerce marketplace Groupon and Uptake, a leading predictive analytics platform. He founded several other technology-based enterprises including Lightbank, a venture fund investment firm and InnerWorkings, a global provider of managed print and promotional solutions.In 2006, Lefkofsky and his wife, Liz established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation based in Chicago which has as its mission to advance programs, intitatives and research that enhance the quality of human life.

What Is The Capitalization Process At Madison Street Capital?

The capitalization process at Madison Street Capital is a simple one, and everyone who contacts the company may complete a business transaction with complete confidence. This article explains how the Madison Street Capital reputation was built, how they serve their clients and how they ensure each deal is completed safely.


#1: Ask For A Valuation Report


Valuation reports are offered by Madison Street Capital when clients contact them, and each report is shared with the client in a format that helps them better understand the value of their business or another. The reports will dig into every bit of value that a company has, and the report will lay out in great detail how the report was created. Every figure used to reach the final conclusion is listed, and the client may ask questions of the staff at any time.


#2: The Transaction Is Planned


Madison Street will put clients on their calendar to ensure that they have a time to meet with their buyers or business partners. The company will host a business transaction in a professional environment, and they will ensure that both parties are aware of the parameters of the deal. Madison Street has done quite a lot of work before the deal, and they will work quite hard to make each deal happen smoothly.


#3: The Sale Occurs


The sale occurs after Madison Street has scheduled a meeting with both parties. Both parties are welcome to read the reports used for the deal, and they may request changes to the contract before the meeting occurs. Madison Street is a valuation firm that has many professional business people working who will ensure the sale goes through without any problem.


#4: Cash Is Distributed


Madison Street is happy to handle the cash from any sale, and they will save the companies quite a lot of time by managing the deal at the bargaining table. The contract is signed, the deal is closed and the parties go their separate ways once the deal has been done. There is no safer way to complete a business deal that includes stock trades, mergers and stake sales.


There are quite a few companies that need help from Madison Street Capital when they are ready to merge or sell a stake in their firm. They will discover quite quickly that their valuation report and transaction assistance is handled with perfect care by the Madison Street staff.


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Online Reputation News Provides You With Details That You May Need To Clear Your Name From The Internet

There are several reasons why an individual should proceed with the steps that may be required of them to clear any negative connotations that may be connected to their name on the Internet. This is because they may find that having something bad said about them on the Internet can have effects of potentially ruining their reputation, which can ultimately be a terrible thing for one’s opportunity of finding work, or at least in the particular field of work that they may have wanted to work in.

By choosing to sign up for services of an online Reputation Defender company, they may be able to provide you with options of having anything negative that’s said about you on the Internet removed. This will provide you with an option in which you may be able not only have such things that have been posted about you on the Internet removed, but also possibly removed for good, as the technicians may be able to work on coding or make certain requests to the webpage(s)’ administrators to keep it off permanently. By making such requests and having them completed, you may find that the results that are achieved from such a removal process will make you feel at much more relief than when it was on the webpage (s.) please be sure to contact a online reputation management team that truly places a tremendous amount of importance on their customers. Visit to learn more about what the service entails and how you may be able to benefit from it at greater extents than what has been mentioned here.

The Levitation of Doug Levitt

The story of Doug Levitt remains one of intrigue and captivation. Although his upbringing remains modest, Doug has managed to accomplish a feat that very few people could achieve. Aside from being an esteemed musician, Doug remains a talented artist. In addition, Doug delved into journalism for a brief period of time. However, one of his most noteworthy feats includes riding the Greyhound bus over 100,000 miles for about a decade. During this “quasi-journey,” Doug Levitt came across some interesting people. Moreover, he came across people who often go unnoticed in our society. To name a few, these include neo-Nazis, ex-cons, and so forth.

In fact, one of his most recent encounters involved a neo-Nazi. What makes this surprising includes the fact that Doug Levitt hails from a Jewish background. Nonetheless, Levitt sat next to and conversed with a member of the hate group. According to Levitt’s own recollection, the man had a tattoo of both Adolf Hitler and a swastika on his arm. Considering the fact that Levitt comes from a Jewish background, this remains what makes the story so remarkable. For 20 hours, Doug shared a seat with this man. Due to the man not knowing Doug’s background, he remained friendly the whole time. In fact, he offered Doug a sandwich and Doug of Twitter.

Although Doug’s experience with the neo-Nazi remained undesirable, it also served as a learning experienced. As Doug got to know the man, he found out that he spent time in prison. Due to his time in jail, the ex-con stated how racially divided the prison system remained. Therefore, it remains a cauldron of racial division. In addition, Doug decided to compile his experience into a project titled “The Greyhound Diaries.” Moreover, the project remains a literary illustration of his 13-year journey across the United States using Greyhound.

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Kim Dao Shows What Universal Studios Japan Is All About

Kim Dao is a young woman that is from Australia and is currently living in Tokyo, Japan. She has a Youtube channel that features her take on beauty and lifestyle in Japan. She recently posted a video that showed viewers what it’s like at Universal Studios theme park in Japan. The video features what she did for the day.

Kim Dao’s day started early in the morning and she took a friend, Sunny, along for the adventure. The first stop was Hogsmeade, which is a fictional town included in the Harry Potter Books. Kim Dao wore the full school uniform of students at Hogwarts and she also purchased a wand to use during the day. She bought the wand at Ollivanders and it lets you interact with various things around the park in order to perform magic tricks.

After picking the perfect want, Kim Dao and Sunny found places to do various magic tricks including banners that flap when you point the wand at them. At another place, Kim Dao made a chimney light up with smoke, as well opening suitcases with her wand.

The park, of course, includes a gift shop that Kim Dao explored, as well as a candy shop where she made purchases. They also bought Butterbeer which is a very sweet drink. They also ordered food from a restaurant which was made up the same as a Harry Potter universe-style restaurant would be. Kim Dao stayed the entire day at the park, until after nightfall, exploring the place.

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UKV PLC’s Guide To French Wine Makes Things Easier For Wine Connoisseurs

Understanding wines can be complicated as many factors go into understanding wines. Once you know of these factors, then you would have to add some more knowledge to understand French wines, as they are known to be even more complex.

To make things easier for the wine connoisseurs, UKV PLC has put together a guide to understanding the French wine. It says that the first thing a wine connoisseur needs to do understand French wine is to go through and understand the classification of the region of regions of origin mentioned in the French Appellation System.

The UKV PLC’s guide to French wines says that unless you understand the French appellation system, it would be difficult to know which French is of what variety and where it comes from or how it tastes. It is because the label of French wine does not mention the grape variety, but instead indicates the area of which it belongs. It speaks a lot about the type of wine it is. Some of the most famous regions, in this case, are Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux and the Loire.

The UKV PLC stores one of the largest collections of rare, vintage and exquisite wines sourced from across the globe. There are many different varieties of wines from various brands available online at the UKV PLC store. The best part is that the cost of wines at UKV PLC’s store is comparatively economical than other online wine stores, and it ensures that the delivery is swift and timely.

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