Daniel Taub And His Journey Towards Becoming One Of Israel’s Most Respected Diplomats

Daniel Taub is a firm believer in having a pro-active approach in life. In the year 2013 when serving in his capacity as Israel’s ambassador to the UK, he was convinced that his nation together with others should form an alliance so as to be in a position to counter a nuclear war threat that was posed by Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions.

Speaking to the Press, Daniel said that his nation respected the Geneva accord and said that alone, it could not do a lot to contain or even slow down Iran in its ambitions. However, he expressed confidence that by putting their religion and political differences aside, nations from the region could form a block and leave Iran with no other choice than to slow down.

He explained that the region looks more like a regional axis because nations are situated so far from one another and yet; they required each other at the time. He reiterated the need for all affected countries to put their differences aside and work in sync so as to provide a lasting peace solution that was to be enjoyed by generations to come. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.daniel-taub.com/ and http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/

Asked whether he was confident such an alliance would work, he expressed confidence saying that if all nations decide to work alone, then there would be no positive results. However, because all had been pushed to a similar position, they needed one another to stay afloat and secure.

Taub said that as much as it would not be very easy for the nations to get together, they needed to. He expressed confidence in the West’s relationship with Israel saying that at the time, it was solid than ever.

Born in Britain, Taub is a qualified international lawyer who has served his country in different positions in the past. Soon after graduating from the University of Harvard, he moved back to Israel. Upon arrival, he served as a combat medical officer for the army.

He would later on serve in the international law division of the army before getting promoted to becoming a speechwriter for the then President Chaim. When he joined the Foreign Ministry in the year 1991, he proceeded to serve in different capacities that involved representing the nation in different international forums. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

In the year 2011, he was appointed the ambassador to the United Kingdom and served in that position until 2015. He is admired by many in the diplomatic arena as a focused and ambitious professional.

Why Jason Hope Gave $1.5 Million To The SENS Research Foundation

There’s a nonprofit research organization in California that is in a new field of medicine called rejuvenation biotechnologies. This is the SENS Research Foundation and their aim is nothing less than to stop the human aging process and prevent diseases before they start. Jason Hope, a tech entrepreneur, found their research so inspiring that he donated $500,000 to the cause. As he explains it, the goal isn’t really about eternal youth but rather people having lives that are long and better in quality. Hope’s donation occurred eight years ago. Since that time the money was used to build a new lab in Cambridge, England. He has also donated another $1 million in the intervening years in support of their research efforts. The SENS part of the organization’s name stands for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence.

The latter part of this acronym is a reference to people no longer showing the symptoms of aging which is actually some other species on earth have achieved, such as tortoises.Unlike tortoises, though, humans break down over time. They get frailer and more susceptible to disease. There are many diseases that are called age-related precisely because they occur in older people by and large, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The goal of rejuvenation biotechnologies is not to cure disease after it has been diagnosed but to prevent them.Jason Hope is a futurist and philanthropist who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, his home state. He started a big company in the mobile industry a number of years ago and now invests in other tech startups. He is also a published author who has written a book and numerous articles on where he sees technology and society heading.

His big focus of the last number of years is on the Internet of Things (IoT). He says a lot of the IoT devices to come out in the not so distant future will revolutionize how people live their lives and overall society functions. Before launching his company Jason Hope attended college. This took place at Arizona State University and the W.P. Carey School of Business that is on the same campus. At the former he earned his finance degree and at the later his MBA. He says that once he had the MBA in his hand he figured that meant he better start a company and so he did. Since he has a passion for technology that has been the industry he has worked and invested in ever since.

The Life and Times of Ronald Fowlkes at the helm of Security Operations

Ronald Fowlkes is the Business Development Manager for the Law Enforcement, in the Commercial Products Department of Eagle Industries. His responsibilities, among many others, including calling on clients from across the country, product promotion through over 150 sales agents, product selection, and product education. The Eagle Industries manufactures tactical-operation equipment and nylon gear in tactical assault vests, holsters, load-bearing bags, and weapon transport gears. Through product promotion, Ronald Fowlkes solely connects with his main customers, being the law enforcement bodies, military and international markets. Fowlkes oversees an employee population estimated at close to three thousand.


State Law Enforcement

Fowlkes has had a 13-years’ experience in the law enforcement department. He served in the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for a period of 10 years and 3 more years at the St. Louis County Police Dept. In the last 7 years, he served on the HRT Team of the St. Louis Metropolitans.


He became a leader in the department in 2003 and instrumental as a certified instructor on warfare tactics, SWAT/URBAN tactics, tactical rifle operations, defensive tactics, and shoot house. Fowlkes took the lead role in managing all High-Risk Entries for a whole year in controlling barricades and managing hostage situations. In the event the units are not deployed tactfully, Ronald’s team would lead the investigations into criminal trafficking, illegal gun ownership, crime in the neighborhoods and illegal drug trade. The unit also serves as a Civil Disobedient Response Team.


Service at the Department of Defense

Ronald worked with the Department of Defense as a Joint Explosive Device defeat organization, popularly referred to as the JIEDDO. He served in this capacity in Iraq, for the US Army. In this role, Fowlkes dismounted and mounted infantry operations in war zones as well as instructing evidence-collection squads, CQB squad, tactical operations, tactical questioning, and post-blast analysis. He also took a leading role in the questioning of the captured militia.


Between 1989 and 1993, Ronald Fowlkes served the United States as a Marine. He took part in the First Gulf War and earned himself two promotions, graduating as a veteran in the service. He got two promotions following enrollment at the Marine Combat Training as well as the Marine Corps School for Engineering Courses. Here, he took a basic course in Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company. He was also trained in the U.S Parachute School where he graduated in Parachute Insignia.



Ronald Fowlkes is revered for having served with the very first ANGLICO team in conducting air parachute operations, renaissance missions, naval gunfire, air operations, radio encryption and the use of MULE laser designers in data non-encryption. He is also a certified instructor on warfare tactics, defensive tactics, shoot house operations, SWAT/URBAN tactics, and tactical rifle operations.


Dr. Jennifer Walden: Making The Impossible Possible

When someone comes in and they meet Dr. Jennifer Walden, a lot of times, they are a little star struck. They have seen her on TV and they have read about her in many magazines all over the United States. They know what she can do and they have heard about the tremendous results she has provided for people all over the world. However, before long, they realize she is just another person like you or I. Yes, she is incredibly talented and the best plastic surgeon out there, but she is also a human being with twin boys. She’s also proud of her roots in Austin, Texas. Even throughout all of her success and all of her fame, she has never lost sight of that. It is why her practice is in Austin, Texas after all. She is living proof that you don’t have to choose one or the other. You can be with your family and also make a living. No one said it was going to be easy, but it is worth it.

All of this is worth it for Dr. Jennifer Walden. When she is done with a plastic surgery job, she takes a tremendous amount of pride in seeing the results.She is even happier when she sees the reaction of her clients. It is genuine and it is authentic. Whatever expectations they had going into it, they were exceeded and then some by Dr. Jennifer Walden. She has a specific vision she talks about with her clients, and she likes to make sure they are on the same page and they understand each other along the way. There are no secrets and there are no tricks. The client knows exactly what they are getting and what to expect. She does not want anyone to be caught off guard or disappointed.She knows she has a name to live up to, and she is going to live up to that name. It means the world to her. It is what has gotten her to this point. She is special for a reason. It doesn’t happen by accident.

Two Behemoths Collide and Everyone Wins

Barrett-Jackson, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a pioneer in collector car auctions and automotive lifestyle promotion. Many collectors view the brand as the measuring stick for auctions. The Scottsdale auction is one of four events sponsored by Barrett-Jackson yearly.

The eight-day Scottsdale event consists of endless auctions, exhibit booths, and activities the whole family will love. Palm Beach, Florida, Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, and Las Vegas, Nevada are the remaining locations.

Barrett-Jackson elevated their status when they added national and international coverage from sponsors Discovery Channel and Velocity with a show titled “The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions.” The company continues to be unique when successful auctions include collector car insurance for added protection.

The U.S. Money Reserve is a pioneer in foreign and American gold, silver, and platinum coins, bars, and metal. Located in Austin, TX, the establishment is a private distributor of precious metals for sale across the country.

To assist in making the correct purchase, rely on our professionals to answer any softball and hardball questions thrown at them. Coin researchers, shipping experts, inventory gurus, and numismatic professionals represent a chunk of the knowledgeable staff available for conversation. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve and https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-president-to-hold-emergency-gold-conference-300486354.html

Rest assured the product purchased from the website or at the establishment would be satisfactory. The amazing customer service is the reason many customers are repeats, as they will resolve any complaints, issues, or concerns. We are also the exclusive home of the Perth Mint’s Pearl Harbor 75th anniversary coins.

The U.S. Reserve is an official sponsor of the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction, which is in their 47th year. As part of the trade, Barrett-Jackson is taking us along for the entire tour. We will sponsor the events in Las Vegas, Palm Beach, and Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun along with Scottsdale. Barrett-Jackson is also giving us a booth to highlight our specialties – precious metals and financial intelligence – in the main Salon.

In turn, the U.S. Money Reserve is blending in with the vehicle theme. We are offering the rare McLaren P1 GTR, one of 45 cars existing in the world. With an odometer reading of 605 miles, the car is in very good condition. Going from zero to 60 in under three seconds, the fast car’s maximum miles per hour reaches 225.

Additionally, the partnership has common traits. Both companies share a similar audience of people interested in collecting. In closing, we hope to gain new customers while showing our customers something new to collect.

The U.S.  Reserve couldn’t be prouder to collaborate with an incredible organization.

Boraie Helps to Get New Brunswick back up

If you live in the United States of America, then you know just how hostile the lower classes are becoming to those in the upper class. The lower class blame the CEOs, bankers, corporate leaders, and hedge fund managers, for all the ill will they are facing in life. They believe that the upper class is there because they stepped on the little guy along the way, and destroyed the lives of people.

I am sure that this characteristic is true of many in the upper class. After all, no one became rich without throwing their weight around a little. However, Omar Boraie is a great example of why there are some good people in the top one percent of this country.

According to the NY Times article that was published, Omar Boraie has done wonderful things to help revive the city of New Brunswick. He is mostly known for his four-step plan. This four-step plan consisted of bringing families to the area, keeping jobs in the area, uniting the powerhouses of the area, and bringing young professionals to the area.

Sam Boraie helped make New Brunswick a more wonderful place for families by starting many community houses and outreach projects. These various nonprofits made it their goal to help New Brunswick be a place you wanted to raise her children. One of the most popular things that Omar Boraie did in this area was provide a free summer of movies. The State Theater provides the screen and the seats, and Omar Boraie provides the money. Seven movies are shown over a seven-week period completely free to the public. It is true that these movies are not A-list movies that just came out, but they are still good movies made by Disney and DreamWorks.

Omar Boraie then began working on the second step of his plan by working on a tax deal for Johnson & Johnson. They were the major player in the area, and New Brunswick could not afford to lose them. Once a deal was made, Johnson & Johnson increased employment the city.

Omar Boraie then began working on the third step of his plan by meeting with the President of Rutgers University, the city Mayor, and the heads of several nonprofits. They agreed to make New Brunswick their priority.

Omar Boraie then brought the young professionals back to the city by providing affordable upper-class real estate. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

Reference: https://www.statetheatrenj.org/board-of-trustees