Dr. Saad: A Passionate Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad is a board-certified pediatric surgeon who loves his work with passion. He is a fluent speaker of two languages: Arabic and English. Dr. Saad was born and raised in different places. He was born in Palestine whereas he was raised in Kuwait. He graduated from Cairo University in Egypt 47 years ago with a medical degree. Upon graduation, he joined for an internship in England after which he immigrated to the United States. Dr. Saad has a residency in surgery and pediatric surgery as well as a certification from the board as a pediatric surgeon. Being a board-certified practitioner is not a walk in the park in the United States. It takes ten years of thorough training, rigorous exams, and regular surgical practices. He has passed through all this and stood the test of time.


Dr. Saad has worked in various hospitals in different capacities, and this has contributed towards the respect he earns from the people. He has gladly worked at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh. While serving here, the chief and protocol office used to call him for the performance of some complex surgeries. Dr. Saad is praised for successfully performing a surgery on a child who was admitted with an aneurysm. He saved the baby and stood out for the medical industry in bringing new procedures and best ways of performing things. This earned him a lot of respect from the hospital personnel. Dr. Saad is among the top excellent doctors to perform surgery. Another incidence rose up when he performed surgery on the son to the assistant chief of the King Faisal Hospital. Initially, the condition was very tough and complex, but Dr. Saad was able to save the son instead of flying him to another country for medical attention.


Importantly, Dr. Saad is committed to serving patients across all the economic levels. He willingly helps both the poor and rich with similar measures. In as much as the hospital aims at attending to the royal family in famous Saudi Arabia, it also extends the service to the poor irrespective of the level of their medical issue. Dr. Saad is familiar with poverty having been brought up in a humble family, which caused him to do his best in the medical school. He, therefore, can never write off such people because he understands their level very well. Dr. Saad insists on one of the sayings that his mentor instilled in him to always view people the same and making him believe that people are equal and they qualify for equal opportunities. As a result, this great surgeon learned the virtues of being kind, hardworking, and honest alongside treating the children on the same scales irrespective of their color, mental and physical abilities, religion, or even financial status. Learn more: http://www.jerseyshoreuniversitymedicalcenter.com/jsumc/newseventsandclasses/pressreleases/Press-Release.cfm?customel_dataPageID_2021=495087


Stunning Management Skills of Rick Shinto at Innovacare Health Solutions

Rick Shinto is an accomplished doctor who has saved a lot of lives in North America. He is the medical expert behind the success of InnovaCare Health Solutions. He serves in the company as the president and the CEO. Has contributed a lot of ideas that are vital to the growth of the company.

Rick Shinto has worked in the medical sector for more than 20 years. He began his career in Southern California as an intern. He was also served as pulmonologist while he was an internship. He was employed in 1996 to serve as the Vice President for MedPartners. He later served in various famous companies and gained a lot of experience that has propelled him in the medical sector. Some of the companies that he served are Cal Optima Health Plan, NAMM and Medical Pathways. He also served as the CEO of Aveta and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. the company has expanded its operations due to the excellent leadership of rick Shinto. The company has opened two affiliates known as PMC and MMM.

Rick Shinto employs a lot of management skills to ensure that the employees and clients are retained in the company. He provided a favorable environment for both employees and the clients. The members have been well trained to provide high quality and affordable healthcare to the clients. Shinto employs qualified staff who can achieve the goals set by the company. The main aim of the company is to make healthcare services accessible all the people at an affordable rate. His competence in leadership has earned him numerous awards such as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year. Shinto values efficient communication and transparency in the company. The values that he holds and practice have enabled the company to shine as the best healthcare facility in North America.

InnovaCare Healthcare Inc. has recorded tremendous growth through the skills of Shinto. He obtained the skills in various learning institutions in the world. He studied medicine at the University of New York. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science at the University of California which is based in Irvine. He also has an MBA that he obtained from the University of Redlands. The solid educational foundation has earned him a reputation as a medical doctor. He led the company to register over 200000 members.The company has employed more than 7500 people. Shinto is committed to ensuring that the members of the public can access medical services with ease. The medical services in the company are affordable.



After completing her studies in Sales and Marketing, Senecal became the CEO of CP+B In the year 2015 March. She served as the president of MDC Foundation Network, before working with CP+B. Lori transformed all that she touched into success during her career in various organizations. Senecal is committed to bringing about the best in everything she does, including individuals and organizations that she has worked with before. This has made her famous among the top companies that are in line with her professional career. Lori’s administration abilities have lifted and energized Agencies entrepreneurship spirits.

Serving in CP+B as the CEO, she was in charge of the development and company’s operations for both local and international offices. Lori Senecal was well versed in technology, invention, and innovation of various products on a global scale. The CP+B primary focus is providing individuals with quality and innovative services that suit their needs and wants. Lori Senecal has transformed the organization to an international level that embraces technology, creativity, and dynamism.

Her authority and spotlight have been essential in the office’s development and advancement across different heads of department. Lori’s leadership role led to CP+B recognition as creative and top innovators of the year. Lori’s motivation has always been the fascinating potentiality of ingenuity and modification towards fast-paced transitions as well as growth driven.

She has been offering advice and guidance globally across a vast array of industries, assisted high profile teams and companies to maneuver around spontaneous ideas for the revival of the whole organization. According to GC Report, Lori, a worldwide President, puts these principles to full use for the invention of vibrant, talent-oriented and new trade models to sprout exclusive as state of the art organizations.

Lori was the President and CEO of the Kirshenbaum bond from September 2009 to March 2012 in New York. Lori also served as the President in McCann Erickson Company from February 2006 to September 2009. At McCann World group, she was the head of International Innovation team from February 2006 to July 2007. Lori Senecal served as the TAG Ideation as well as a partner at McCann Erickson in February 2003 to July 2007.



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Law and Diplomacy: Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is aninternational legal representative who has a great interest in the affairs of the Middle East and Israel. His career also spans through different countries and other sectors such as the media industry. He was born in Great Britain where he spent most of his early life. He completed his early education in the local learning institutions.

After getting a clear career path, Daniel Taub advanced his knowledge at various institutions of higher learning. He went to University College located in Oxford, University College in London and later to Harvard University.

Among the most defining career moments of Daniel Taub is his enrollment into the Israel Defense Forces. He got a position as a combat medic as well as a reserve officer.

The non-combative position of a reserve officer was in the International Law Division that would later shape his life. Another noteworthy early life engagement is that he worked for the sixth president of Israel as a speechwriter. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub| Behance

Daniel Taub’s early involvement in Israel’s Diplomacy came from an interest in the young political environment of Israel at the time when he was practicing Intellectual Property Law.

This is what got him interested in joining the Israel diplomatic scene. It allowed Daniel Taub to assume many political and legal positions in the Israel Foreign establishment. He was tasked with advisory responsibilities towards the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel.

His specialization in counter-terrorism and international law made him a perfect candidate for the position. This opened up new opportunities including acquiring a position as the legal representative, in an advisory state, for Israel’s diplomatic team to the United Nations in Geneva.

Daniel Taub has also played other essential roles in Israel’s peace negotiation process by acting as the negotiator between Israel and Palestine. He was also active in the Israel Syrian talks.

Daniel Taub has also held influential positions in the UK as an ambassador to the court of St. James. Other than this, he is a lecturer on International law where he shares his knowledge in many learning institutions. Taub also has a long career in the media industry.

He has developed numerous informative pieces for various media companies like the Daily Telegraph. Daniel Taub is also a scriptwriter for a popular drama series that focuses on religious diversification in Israel and a writer interested in biblical literature.

Whitney Wolfe Is On A Mission To Help Women And Improve Their Dating Lives

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO and the founder of Bumble. Bumble is one of the most popular dating apps on the market at the current moment. In fact, when it first started out, it grew to over half a million users after just eight months. The fact is that Bumble brings something new to the dating app world. There is something that Bumble has that other apps do not have. At Bumble, they want to empower women. They want to break the traditional stereotypes that pervade the online dating world.

Therefore, they made Bumble have a rule that makes it different. Bumble is not that different than the first company that Whitney Wolfe founded in the basics of how it works. You see other users on the app. If you do not like it, you can swipe left. If you do like the other person and you want to start chatting with them, all you have to do is swipe right or click the check button at the bottom of the screen.

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The difference between Bumble and other dating apps that require you to swipe right or left is that with Bumble, only women can be the first ones to reach out to those who they matched with. This is changing the way dating works online forever. You see, if you are unfamiliar with online dating, you may not know that it is typically expected of the male to be the first one to reach out. If the male does not reach out, often no conversation will ensue. With Bumble, it is different. With Bumble, you have to wait until the woman reaches out.

This is better for women in a variety of ways. First of all, it empowers them and gives them power in the relationship. Second of all, they choose who they want to speak with. They do not have to put up with unwanted advances and harassment from strange men on the app. Men can not just reach out and make advances if they did not reach out to them first.

Bumble is also planning on helping out the LGBT community. Of course, when it comes to gay and lesbian dating, any one of the two people who matched can message first. However, the same rules apply. If the other person does not reply to the first message in the first twenty four hours, the conversation will disappear.

Read more: Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd: How to build a workplace where women can thrive