Ara Chackerian- Angel Investor in American Medicare

Chackerian is a successful angel investor philanthropist and a devoted entrepreneur. In essence, an angel investor, as is the case with Chackerian, is an individual or company who lend some money to individuals who are attempting to start their own businesses.


According to, Chackerian currently works as the Managing Director of the famous ASC Capital Holdings, which lends money to startup healthcare companies that are devoted to transforming the United States healthcare sector. In addition to this, he is also the co-founder of a number of organizations including TMS Health Solutions, PipelineRX, and BMC Diagnostics.


TMS Health Solutions provides transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment to psychiatric / mental patients. On the other hand, PipelineRX is a national provider of Telepharamacy services while BMC Diagnostics is one of the most famous providers of medical services related to diagnostic imaging.


Besides this, Chackerian is also devoted to creating work and education opportunities to the youth in the society, particularly those from low-income families. He is also on the frontline of promoting the reforestation of Teak in Nicaragua. These ventures depict his commitment to giving back to the society.


While he has co-founded a number of companies and contributed to different programs, TMS Health Solutions is among the most notable works of Ara Chackerian. The company, which sits on an area of 3,000 sq ft seeks to promote a serene environment where patients with psychiatric disorders can find the tranquility needed by people suffering from these complications.


Ara Chackerian founded the facility with his long-time partner after one of their provider partners hinted to them that they should build a center that raised awareness about psychiatric disorders, particularly depressive disorders and eased access to treatment. The two consulted with Dr. Richard Bermudas, it came to their realization that limited insurance covers hindered people from accessing quality medical care.


They saw this as an opportunity to build a facility that would offer services to all people around Sacremento and the San Francisco, with focus on Bay Area, and this led to the creation of TMS Health Solutions. It has seven other constituent facilities that provide transcranial magnetic stimulation services. You can visit for more details.




Michael Lacey and his significant contributions in mathematics

Mathematics is a subject that is not liked by many. It is possible to find students interested in pursuing courses without mathematics. Many have found it complicated, and they do not want to continue studying it once they leave high school. Only a few people around the world are happy while pursuing mathematics in their further education. Such people are talented, and they love mathematics. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

That is why they find it easy even to teach others to help them gain the knowledge they need. One of such professionals is Michael Lacy who is known for his outstanding work in mathematics. He has helped to solve various issues in this field and has helped others to advance in their career. Most of his students have been performing well and have got the interest to continue learning.

He joins the few professionals who have established themselves in the mathematics career. The entrepreneur, orator, and researcher is known as one of the most successful mathematicians in America. Although it may seem easy that Michael Lacey has achieved all this, it is because of working hard and being dedicated that Michael Lacy has achieved all this.

Those who have worked with Michael Lacey describe him as being a workaholic who is never tired. When he starts something, he has to ensure it is complete and successful. When he is doing his research, he ensures it is comprehensive, and he cannot stop before meeting his target.

The best part with Michel Lacey is when he discovered his career at a young age. While in high school he loved the subject and knew he would pursue mathematics even when he went to the university. His teachers identified his talent and helped him to cultivate it.

He went to study mathematics, and since then he has contributed a lot to the field. He has solved several mathematical problems and has helped many of his students to achieve success. Some have become successful tutors while others have decided to work in various industries where mathematics is required.

Michael Lacey continues to help others. He wants others to excel, and that is he has dedicated his life to ensure others excel and that is why he contributes to various charity organizations.

The No Holds Barred Description of Jim Larkin’s Formative Actions

 ITGWU Established

The ITGWU noted the start of the modern-day Irish labor campaign. Scarcer than 10 percent of Irish employees were unionized at that time, and the majority of these were a part of British-sanctioned unions. In Dublin particularly, a lot of political activists felt overlooked by British labor and supported an Irish-based campaign. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

As a NUDL member, Jim had stated that labor ought to be ‘global.’ As he started the ITGWU, nationalism was water under the bridge and Jim’s private sentimental Irishness rose to the forefront.

He thought the union was strongly associated with the Irish-Ireland struggles, and it was him, instead of James Connolly, who brought republicanism into mainstream support within the labor action.

The separate idea largely connected to the ITGWU was industrial unionism as well as the striving to create ‘One Big Union’ for every worker, coming into development from Jim’s increasing concern in syndicalism.

Up until mid-1911, Jim’s management of the ITGWU movement was anticlimactic. Since he was now his own boss, he started to be riddled with insecurities. Modest and empathic in handling union representatives, he could get jealous and petty if he detected a rival. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin – Irish Examiner and James Larkin | Wikipedia

Connolly felt especially ill-treated by people such as him but their political beliefs were markedly in step. Distinctly, Jim was troubled about money issues. While he was a frugal person, he required money continuously for his different dreams and schemes.

Instead of holding expensive strikes, he planned to prosecute the movement through transforming the ITGWU quarters, Liberty Hall, then a cultural powerhouse and social center, and with a crusading publishment, the Irish Worker, that he began in May 1911. The Worker was a remarkable achievement and revealed Jim to be an editor of remarkable capacity.

Weeks afterward arrived the unexpected explosion of ‘the Great Labour Unrest’, which it proceeded to be named, in Britain. The expansion in Ireland carried the ITGWU to the head of the friction.

Jim replied to the provocation, and the union increased from 5,000 to roughly 15,000 people, growing it into a major player with the Irish Trades Union.

Robert Ivy’s Journey to the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy was born over a golden jubilee ago in America, and his career life has been one of success after success. At a tender age, his love for architectural designs was evident, and his parents saw to it that he furthered his dream of becoming a top-notch architecture. The fulfillment of this dream was earmarked by his admission to the University of the South, situated in the outskirts of America where he emerged with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts. His thirst for vast expertise in the field of designs was not quenched yet, and years later, he was accoladed with the prestigious Masters in Architecture from the reputable Tulane University.

Equipped with nothing short of explicit knowledge in Architecture, Robert Ivy stepped into the industry as a lucky man. Construction heavyweights were up and running after him, all for the sake of tapping his expertise. His first career was however not directly connoted to working in the fields but rather as a Chief Editor for a local magazine dubbed Architectural Record in 1996. Within a short period of his stay, another publishing bigwig, Mc-Graw Hill Construction Media, came knocking for his services in 2011. He became the Editorial Director and Executive Vice President for the publishing line responsible for magazines such as Constructor, Sweets, The Magazine of Sustainable Design, SNAP among many. Read his article on zdnet to learn more.

Late 2011 became the icing on the cake for Robert Ivy as he was incorporated into the American Institute of Architects. His exponential skills were on full throttle and little did he know that the big brother was watching. He was appointed as the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the reputable institution due to his exceptional skills in overhauling the architectural systems in America.

Under his watch, the Architecture industry has seen a tremendous transformation across America. Owing to his essential influence as the game changer, Robert Ivy has scooped different awards during his career. They include the Dean’s Medal in 2017 and the Designation Master Architect. However, the most prestigious of all is the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award which is awarded to outstanding professionals who have their roots in Mississippi, by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. According to the AIA President, Carl Elefante, he stands out as an accurate reflection of the great men and women who work tirelessly to improve the infrastructure industry.

Robert Ivy joins the list of the award’s honorees such as Morgan Freeman, Walter Anderson, and Eudora Welty. Visit: