Glenn Schlossberg and Jump Design Make Major Move

Jump Design Group recently made major new when it announced that it was taking over the sportswear label Cathy Daniels. Jump Design Group will take over all aspects of Cathy Daniels. The company is excited about the move and the potential success it will bring in the future.

When speaking of the move Jump Design CEO Ashesh Amin had some interesting comments. Glenn does not see this move as simply another company in financial trouble being taken over. Amin is convinced Cathy Daniels has a sound business portfolio they will go well with their strategies, marketing and customer base. Cathy Daniels has been around for more than forty years. The company has built success through hard work, integrity, and a commitment to making the best products.

Mr. Amin has lots of experience in building businesses. He has spent the last three decades building major brands likeJ.Crew, Adrianna Papell and Bombay Shirt Company. In an article by PR Newswire, he gives lots of credit to the companies founder Glenn Schlossberg who he says built a rock-solid business foundation. Jump Design Group has major plans to integrate technology into its acquired companies. The company plans to expand beyond making dresses, and move into athleisure, sportswear, and denim.

Glenn Schlossberg is the founder and principal of Jump Design Group. He has been an innovator in the world of fashion for nearly thirty years. Schlossberg is convinced that every role in the organization is important. He takes pride in the fact that his company is made of of a variety of people who work to collaborate, design and produce quality products. Under his leadership, Jump Design has achieved worldwide success. Acording to, currently the company has locations in New York, New Jersey and across the country. Committed to his craft, Schlossberg use his free time to serve the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. This group works to mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Wen by Chaz: Success in the Hair Care Industry

Wen by Chaz is a globally recognized hair care company that was founded by Chaz Dean. According to Crunchbase, Mr. Dean created the company from the ground up with nothing more than the desire to improve the harsh products that were available in the marketplace. He is skilled in the art of photography, and he has been educated in cosmetology. Chaz saw more in himself than just a hair beautician. He envisioned his clients as works of art, but the task could not be accomplished with the commercially available hair products.

With his strong desire to succeed, he went on to perfect hair cleansing. It is not the mere actually of shampooing, but it is the actual process of using herbal remedies and hydration to lift off debris and oil from the scalp and hair. This process does not strip the locks, but instead, it leaves them shiny, clean, and easier to style.

Today, WEN has sold millions of the hair cleanser. It has also now grown into other hair care treatments, such as styling aids and nourishing applications. Some of the new lineups are light mousses and freeze tamers. The treatments can be tailored to any type of hair.

With LA stylist Chaz Dean‘s passion and drive, Wen by Chaz is sure to continue reinventing hair care products and the way hair is treated. Existing products are fan favorites, and fans around the globe look forward to new treatments and fragrances. Visit to learn more about this amazing brand.

How Malcolm CasSelle is Rewriting the Future of Gaming Industry

Gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in the service industry. One of the main factors that are making this industry not achieve its full potential is insecurity, especially when purchasing different gaming essentials. Fortunately, efforts of professionals such as Malcolm CasSelle are restoring the trust to the gaming world. One of the few things that the gaming world was lacking was a trusted medium between the two important parties, buyers and sellers of gaming essentials. Malcolm CasSelle is, therefore, the most important player in the next phase of gaming, thanks to his adoption of cryptocurrency to purchase essentials especially through entities such as OPskins.

In his journey to make the gaming world home to entertainment and best innovations, Malcolm CasSelle has worked with different companies and different people in different capacities. In his work at Worldwide Asset eXchange, for example, was a possibility due to his ability to mobilize talents and resources. Malcolm CasSelle points out that regardless of the company’s size, having a team around you is one of the most important aspects of remaining productive and innovative. For example, the idea of using cryptocurrency was a product of extensive research by him and his team.

Apart from being instrumental to the gaming world, Malcolm CasSelle has also been passionate about technological start-ups. In his career as one of the most recognized innovators, he has been fortunate to interact with some great ideas as start-ups which he can continue to make them realities. One of the main issues that make Malcolm CasSelle passionate about these brilliant ideas is his belief that the future of gaming and technology is innovation and fresh ideas. The Stanford University graduate has also been part of more established companies in their growth journeys. Some of these companies include MediaPass and SVP & GM.

In addition to his approach to innovation and technology, Malcolm CasSelle is one of the hardworking individuals in the world of innovation and technology. He is an excellent personality when it comes to balancing his ability to communicate in multiple languages and his approach to work and beating deadlines.

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