Managing Osteoarthritis, Your Partners in Care: The Osteo Relief Institute

There are 100 types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis, which involves the breakdown of cartilage. This sort of arthritis is bone against bone. With regard to osteoarthritis, joints lose strength. This is a chronic and debilitating illness. Risk factors for osteoarthritis are characterized as obesity, family history, age, and previous injury. There is no real treatment for osteoarthritis at this present time. Daily routine, as well as exercise, can be used as treatment options. Gentle exercise and stretching right before bed can help you feel more limber the next day. Repetitive movements can be bad for your joints. Stopping your smoking habit can also be helpful. Osteoarthritis makes moving painful but treatment simply involves moving around. Stretching and strength training can also help. Low impact aerobic exercise is useful as is water exercise, which can strengthen limbs. All exercise can help improve your mood and the Osteo Relief Institute presents many non-surgical options besides exercise ( The Osteo Relief Institute is a way to get your mobility back. Knee strengthening quadriceps exercises can help. The knees are bent at a 90-degree angle while lower legs are under the padded bar. The only way for these knee exercises to give you relief is to do the exercise two to three weeks. There is a no-charge introductory screening at the Osteo Relief Institute (Philly Purge).



Joint replacement, fixing the joint, and joint repair can help increase the quality of life as far as treatment options go. The Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore can contribute to your treatment. We provide the latest knee pain treatment. There are many alternatives to knee surgery and the Osteo Relief Institute provides this. Such techniques include biomechanical bracing, videofluoroscopy (or a low dose motion x-ray), joint lubrication injections, as well as spine and knee strengthening. The Osteo Relief Institute specializes in providing non-surgical options to treat osteoarthritis.

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