Doe Deere’s LimeCrime; Take a Chance On True Freedom of Expression!

Ever want to go to the max with your cosmetics colors but never found anything with the strong pigment that you crave? What about the animals; have you been on the look out for an ethical company that you can fall in love with? If you said yes then Doe Deere is your girl!


Who is Doe Deere?


Doe Deere is a visionary entrepreneur who grew up in New York and noticed quickly that there was a severe lacking in the makeup world for highly pigmented cosmetics that push the limits and make the experience about fun and freedom of expression. Not wanting to have to be forced to consistently play it safe all the time and wanting to be able to enjoy her makeup and help others do the same with quality products that felt good on your skin and in your soul by being completely animal cruelty free, Doe Deere took to the world of business to develop a startup company called LimeCrime that grew faster than she could ever imagine and is now currently taking over the worlds of both the beauty industry and the beauty standards that have been remaining boring in boxes of “less is more” for far too long!


What is LimeCrime?


LimeCrime is a dedicated company made for the everyman/woman who wants to take their pigment to the max and feel great knowing that what’s on their face has not come in contact with any animal testing facilities. With outrageous colors and concepts like LimeCrime’s holographic style lip gloss called Diamond Crushers and Metallic Velvetines where you can find those insane, bold, look at me lip pigments like “Posh” which looks like a moody lavender or “Blondie” that takes the spot of a snow frost baby pink, LimeCrime is the perfect package of fun, flirty, deathly serious, and always extremely fun! LimeCrime knows that we all have a different personality and it wants to help us show it off instead of just giving us products that “fix” and “blend” all our “problems” away. First and foremost, LimeCrime is about being true to who you are and being able to find the joy in makeup again instead of just following trends or trying to make yourself look like everybody else. LimeCrime feels you and wants you to feel what it’s like to be all that you are to the best, brightest, boldest extent!

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