Jason Hope, Arizona’s Leading Philanthropist

Philanthropy is the desire to promote the welfare of others, especially expressed by generous donations of money to good causes. Jason Hope, from Scottsdale Arizona, wanted to make philanthropy a main focus for him and what he could provide for the people.

Since he wanted to dedicate so much time and effort into it he put a huge focus on helping the SENS Research foundation. This is a foundation that focuses on funding work at universities across the world. They mainly focus on regenerative medicine related to age- related diseases. Jason Hope had inspiration from events that had happened in his own life and he wants to create a better quality of living for mankind.

Most medicine look at disease’s like Alzheimer’s or liver disease after they have happened, but with Jason working with the SENS Foundation he is hoping they can stop those diseases from even starting. He gives four steps to direct you in making the best decision when pursuing philanthropy.

First, you need to discover your passion and what drives you everyday to want to make a difference in the world. When thinking of these ideas it is best to write them down and see out the same organizations that have the same common goal and desire.

Next, you would need to figure out whether you would want to make a difference local, national, or international. There is many national organizations that offer local chapters people can participate with.

Third, people have to figure out how much time, money, or both is going to involved in this project. Finding the right resources and people can help the time being used in the process and make it easier for everyone to work towards the common purpose.

Money is about finding the right funds or possibly donations that can be provided whether it’s from an organization or a personal donator. Finally, the research and reaching out to the community, family, friends, and organizations is key in developing everything.

More people in the world need to see things and help like Jason Hope does and wants to. Working on preventing these age-altering disease’s before they start to affect people can help the world of medicine develop into so much more and help our world.

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