Jana Messerschmidt Partners with Lightspeed Ventures

Jana is among the listed partners of Lightspeed Ventures an investment company located in California United States. This has been one of her greatest having worked with large companies such as Netflix and Twitter to now Jana lightspeed. She has a vast experience in the investment and advertisement of first stage rising companies, she has held great roles throughout career in business development, engineering, sales and marketing in high growth companies such as Netflix.

Miss Jana is the co-founding #ANGELS, one of her first investment dedicated at empowering women through building a successful career path. She also boasts of a degree in computer engineering from Illinois University, Illinois State. Having invested in many early stage startup companies in the industry such as Bird a transportation company, Mutiny enterprise, Sarah Flint fashion and retail company, Vector Space among other numerous organizations in her career life, she feels obliged joining Lightspeed ventures.

Why Jana lightspeed? Her friends on twitter have been left wondering why she joined Lightspeed ventures taking into consideration that she should be perhaps retiring now, but Ms. Jana refers to this transition as a rewirement in not a retirement. She states that lightspeed ventures has a great history and an admirable track record and is a good place for her next step in her career life.

Some of reasons that encouraged her joining lightspeed ventures is not only the great team qqqqqqq possessed by its team but also the fact the one gets a mentorship opportunity that will also see her share her experience in the industry. Investment has been her greatest way of helping people, achieve their dreams in investment industry. She now feels happy working at her new place; find her at Jana lightspeed, her new home.