Discover How Clay Hutson Became a Star in the Music Industry

The music industry has continued to grow and many talented artists have joined the industry to offer what they know best. However, it is an industry that would not take you several days to gain expertise, but rather several years. Clay Hutson, an audio engineer is among the artists who developed great and irresistible desire for music when still a young boy. He went to Central Michigan University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theater design. Clay later went to the School of Business at Stephen M. Ross and earned a master’s degree in Business Administration. There are certain live entertainment companies that gave him several opportunities after graduating.


He happened to work as a sound engineer and a project manager in some of these entrainment companies. He used to travel with the sound team that Billy Graham had formed and worked in corporate entertainment. However, this didn’t leave him fully satisfied since he felt there was something he needed to do for himself. This is what made him choose the music industry with great ambitions in his mind. Rock ‘n’ roll is what Clay was extremely passionate about. He went on to start his own music business after working in different places that exposed him to various facets of management, live performance, and sound engineering.


He became so successful in his endeavor after discovering that he was a natural entrepreneur. He offered reliable and impeccable services that made his business to grow quickly and in a reputable manner. Clay has several musicians he has traveled with in the past. He had at one time traveled with the Garbage band to countries like Europe. He had also traveled to other countries such as Australia and North America. Operating an automatic rigging system called One Republic is one of the notable achievements Clay had alongside other great tours. It is quite unbelievable that Clay is the one who produces, manages, and designs concerts for some of the most popular musicians like Kid Rock, Kelly Clarkson, and Pink.


Clay always spares time for his valued family and he also enjoys crafting projects and woodworking. He currently manages the stage for a renowned musician with several tasks to oversee and do. He says that a single mistake can either make or break the entire event or a performance. He notes that his passion for music has made him get to where he is today. He says he checks something for about three times before he is certain about it. Clay advises the upcoming artists that reputation is a great thing to mind about in the music industry if they want to remain relevant for a long time. Learn more: