The Contributions of Jeremy Goldstein and Partner in Corporate Transactions

Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates is a law firm that specializes in offering advice to chief executive officers, business compensation teams and management committees on compensation matter and other business-related issues. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

One of the partners here is Jeremy Goldstein who happens to be the chairperson dealing with matters acquisition and amalgamation at the business section of American Bar Association.

Jeremy Golden has a J.D which he got from NYU, also has a B.A from Cornell University, M.A from the University of Chicago. He has a lot of experience especially from dealing with large corporations for more than ten years.

After realizing that a lot of cases were arising about the compensation of executives in the governance circles, Jeremy and partners decided to come up with JLG & associates.

According to Goldstein, many consultancy firms who deal with executive compensation were ideally separating with the large companies. Jeremy saw an opportunity in this, and after a lot of consideration, he and his team came to be. Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn

Prior to starting the JLG and associates firm, Jeremy Goldstein was one of the partners in Wachtell law firm, Katz, Lipton, and Rosen. There are a lot of corporate deals that Mr. Goldstein has been involved in, but the notable one is the purchase of Goodrich Company by the United Technologies.

Among other acquisitions and mergers that he has assisted include; Bank of America Corporation by FleetBoston Financial Group, Philips Petroleum Company by Conoco Inc. and many more.

Jeremy Goldstein strongly speaks and also writes about corporate domination and also matters to do with executive compensation. It is for this reason why is considered among the top executive compensation attorneys in legal 500 and also America’s Leading Lawyers for business.

Mr. Goldstein also doubles as an active member at NYU journal of Business & law Board where he offers professional advice. In addition, he is also a member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation where he serves as the leadership council in metro New York. The other thing is that Jeremy Goldstein is on the board of Fountain House which is a charitable group assisting people with mental conditions. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Since coming to its existence, Jeremy Goldstein’s firm JLG & Associates has been of great help to a lot of companies. Many corporate have are now able to do proper administrative compensation with the legal advice that they have acquired from Jeremy and partners.

Other notable benefits are that firms have also grown and expanded as a result of mergers and take over’s facilitated by the JLG and Associates.