The Goals Of End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a political action group aimed at ending the bill that allowed a group called Citizens United into the American political system. Citizens United is a group of corporate personnel who can now influence politics by using funding from corporations.

The decision First Citizens United versus Federal Election Commission was made in 2010 by the Supreme Court. The vote was 5 to 4. End Citizens United began in March 2015. The goal is to support Democratic campaigns that do not encourage corporate spending in political campaigns.

Citizens United is feared to be the decision that is a controversial decision. End Citizens United began to help lead the fight to overturn Citizens United. End Citizens is a group of political action committees that support candidates that do not accept corporate donations into the campaigns.

Citizens United became about in the 2008 election when it attempted to make a 90-minute movie campaign attack against Hillary Clinton. After the decision, it became clear that Citizens United gives the Republican Party advantage in every election.


There has been a continuous adverse reaction to the Citizens United ruling. Most people who are not in favor of the Citizens United decision will favor limits on corporate spending for elections.

End Citizens United has long joined forces with longest established associations like the American Civil Liberties Union and the League of Women Voters. It is in Washington DC, and it is a lobbying company that supports Democratic candidates who are willing to overturn an amendment to the Constitution to reverse the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court.

There are two steps in the End Citizens strategy. The first step is to support Democratic campaigns that do not support corporate spending in elections. Also, it is making efforts to overturn the ruling of citizens united.

There is an excellent leadership in the End Citizens United organization. Some of the administration includes Tiffany Mueller, Matt Burgess, and Andy Bozzi. This leadership has a rich diversity in their political experiences.

The organization aims to raise $35 million in the 2018 election campaign season. During the 2016 election season, the organization raised over 25 million dollars. This fundraising goes directly to its efforts to overturn the decision of Citizens United. It also goes to support candidates who do not support corporate spending in the elections. Then citizens will continue its fight along with the ACLU and the League of Women’s Voters to overturn the decision of Citizens United.

Betsy DeVos Taking Charge of School Choice

The new education secretary Betsy DeVos has long been involved in republican campaign donations and for her work with school choice options in Michigan. These were the reasons the Trump administration selected DeVos to be the education secretary. Who is Betsy DeVos exactly though and will she lead American school systems to a wider range of options?


Who is the DeVos Family?

The DeVos family is the wealthiest family in Michigan. Betsy DeVos’s spouse Dick DeVos is the owner of Amway. He is a multi-billionaire. The couple have long donated to republican candidates in Michigan. They have been directly involved within the Michigan republican political system. Dick DeVos ran as the republican candidate for governor of the state of Michigan. Betsy DeVos was the chairperson for the republican organization in Michigan.


Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos was chosen on November 23, 2016 to be the education secretary pick. Her work with school choice within Michigan and other states was the primary reason for her selection by president Trump. DeVos went through a long questioning process by the senate due to many of the other party senators who distrusted her push for school choice options and the potential defunding of public school that she might propose to fund school vouchers for certain students. DeVos stood firm through this questioning by insisting that she wants to make certain students across the United States will be able to make school choice decisions no matter their income if it’s the right thing for their child and their child’s needs.


On January 31, 2017 she was appointed as education secretary in a history making vote. Vice President Mike Pence had to break the tie vote with his own vote for DeVos after the senate had a tie vote. This was the first time in history that a Vice President has had to do this.


DeVos as education secretary has proven to so far be a fighter for school choice. She’s willing to make hard decisions or stand true to her own political points of view even if they differ from the president. This proves she’s willing to make a stand and not be a yes man to the president. For example her stance on transgender children being permitted to use the bathroom with the gender they associate with was supportive even through the president being against it. She opted to write a letter saying each school system should create rules on this without government intervention and that she supports schools passing bathroom rules for transgender students to use the bathroom for the gender they identify with.


DeVos and her work for school choice as education secretary has only begun. Time will only tell if her ideas will improve the school system. Her work will likely be important to what the future will be for American students. Learn more: