Boraie Helps to Get New Brunswick back up

If you live in the United States of America, then you know just how hostile the lower classes are becoming to those in the upper class. The lower class blame the CEOs, bankers, corporate leaders, and hedge fund managers, for all the ill will they are facing in life. They believe that the upper class is there because they stepped on the little guy along the way, and destroyed the lives of people.

I am sure that this characteristic is true of many in the upper class. After all, no one became rich without throwing their weight around a little. However, Omar Boraie is a great example of why there are some good people in the top one percent of this country.

According to the NY Times article that was published, Omar Boraie has done wonderful things to help revive the city of New Brunswick. He is mostly known for his four-step plan. This four-step plan consisted of bringing families to the area, keeping jobs in the area, uniting the powerhouses of the area, and bringing young professionals to the area.

Sam Boraie helped make New Brunswick a more wonderful place for families by starting many community houses and outreach projects. These various nonprofits made it their goal to help New Brunswick be a place you wanted to raise her children. One of the most popular things that Omar Boraie did in this area was provide a free summer of movies. The State Theater provides the screen and the seats, and Omar Boraie provides the money. Seven movies are shown over a seven-week period completely free to the public. It is true that these movies are not A-list movies that just came out, but they are still good movies made by Disney and DreamWorks.

Omar Boraie then began working on the second step of his plan by working on a tax deal for Johnson & Johnson. They were the major player in the area, and New Brunswick could not afford to lose them. Once a deal was made, Johnson & Johnson increased employment the city.

Omar Boraie then began working on the third step of his plan by meeting with the President of Rutgers University, the city Mayor, and the heads of several nonprofits. They agreed to make New Brunswick their priority.

Omar Boraie then brought the young professionals back to the city by providing affordable upper-class real estate. You can search on Yahoo to see more.


How Boraie Development is changing the face of Real Estate in New Jersey

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