Students Are More Engaged In Their Learning Than Ever Thanks to Rocketship Education

When it comes to learning, each and every student is unique. Every child learns at different rates and in different ways to resonate with them specifically. This is why individualized teaching is more important than ever to providing a high-quality education for students. In most cases, this is only available at private schools, or charters schools that cost a lot of money to get into. Rocketship Education is working to change this, becoming a pioneer in the educational world, creating new schools for education and bringing higher-quality learning to low-income families all over the United States. Since 2006, Rocketship Education has been expanding their network of schools into new communities to improve education quality. Within just one decade, Rocketship schools were serving more than 25,000 different students in the elementary grades, including kindergarten through fifth grade.

Rocketship worked with various analysts and graduates to improve their programs and curriculum for students, and they have effectively created an efficient platform that has turned out high performing students each and every year. Rocketship Education also has various sponsors that donate to help in their continued growth, seeing the potential in their educational network. This is great news for low-income families around the country since Rocketship Education has plans to open one to three new schools each year in new cities in various different states.

According to Rocketship, at their school’s students are known as Rocketeers, all of which have their education plans laid out and built for them to provide the best foundation possible for their specific needs. One of the important aspects of Rocketship Education’s curriculum is providing teachers with more tools for getting their students to become engaged in their learning, but perhaps even more important is getting parents engaged. Parents becoming involved with their student’s learning has always been shown to be effective at improving a student’s education, both in and out of the classroom. With more parents taking interest at home and working with their children to have fun with their learning, education is improved on every different level to create a better educational experience for everyone involved in the process.