Top 3 Things To Do Near Fagali’i Airport

Fagali’i Airport is a small airport near Apia, Samoa. Samoa is an amazing place. A set of islands in the Pacific Ocean, the Samoan people have lived for thousands of years creating and living from their land.

Fagali’i Airport is located in the South Pacific Islands in the region of Samoa. It has an asphalt airstrip that currently runs 2,198 feet long. If you have the opportunity to stay in the area around the Fagali’i Airport, take some time to experience the cultural opportunities.

1. Samoa Cultural Village

Learn how Tapa cloth is made and how traditional foods are created and eaten. The Samoan people are friendly and welcoming, making the experience of going to the Cultural Village an unforgettable one. You will even learn how to weave your own plate for food and participate in a traditional ava ceremony of welcome.

2. The Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral

A marvelous achievement of architecture, especially for such a small island. Intricately designed hardwood ceilings elevate amazing paintings of native Samoans exploring the Catholic faith according to The plain exterior does not hint at the vast, open, and light interior facade that impresses even the most skeptical visitor.

3. Robert Louis Stevenson Museum and Mt. Vaea National Reserve

Robert Louis Stevenson sought out the South Pacific in search for better health, having suffered ill health most of his life in Scotland. After extensive travel, Stevenson settled in Samoa with his wife, Fanny. Named Tusitala by the natives, as a “writer of stories,” the grounds of the Stevenson home are vast and home is filled with period furniture. The museum itself functions as much as possible as it would have over 150 years ago on There are period antiques, letters, and other memoribilia of the time. Unlike many missionaries who came from away and sought to reform the islands in a more Western image, Stevenson seems to have relished his time in the native place. He is buried in the Mt. Vaea National Reserve.

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