Kim Dao Shows What Universal Studios Japan Is All About

Kim Dao is a young woman that is from Australia and is currently living in Tokyo, Japan. She has a Youtube channel that features her take on beauty and lifestyle in Japan. She recently posted a video that showed viewers what it’s like at Universal Studios theme park in Japan. The video features what she did for the day.

Kim Dao’s day started early in the morning and she took a friend, Sunny, along for the adventure. The first stop was Hogsmeade, which is a fictional town included in the Harry Potter Books. Kim Dao wore the full school uniform of students at Hogwarts and she also purchased a wand to use during the day. She bought the wand at Ollivanders and it lets you interact with various things around the park in order to perform magic tricks.

After picking the perfect want, Kim Dao and Sunny found places to do various magic tricks including banners that flap when you point the wand at them. At another place, Kim Dao made a chimney light up with smoke, as well opening suitcases with her wand.

The park, of course, includes a gift shop that Kim Dao explored, as well as a candy shop where she made purchases. They also bought Butterbeer which is a very sweet drink. They also ordered food from a restaurant which was made up the same as a Harry Potter universe-style restaurant would be. Kim Dao stayed the entire day at the park, until after nightfall, exploring the place.

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