How Dr. Saad Saad Uses Medicine to Inspire The Society

Dr . Saad Saad is an inspirational doctor whose influence enables many individuals to associate with him quickly. Through his career, the pediatrician embraced hard work thus that brought success and innovation to his side. During most interviews, you will notice that the doctor contains exciting and inspirational stories to the generation.

Moreover, his children adapted a lot of simple lessons from him that made them successful. Recently, the doctor retired after working in the medicine department for 47 years. However, Dr. Saad Saad became influential in the field of innovation, service, and sacrifice.

Even though the interviewer did not have any idea about the doctor, it later turned out that his story was influential. By analyzing his motivation, you will notice that you can accomplish anything in life. Moreover, he insists on people working hard in everything that they do.

Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad

Through his birth in Palestinian, Dr. Saad Saad learned how to handle a lot of life challenges. At that time, the country was experiencing a lot of drastic measures that helped to shape him into an influential person. During the changes, Israel was created; hence it enabled many people to be relocated to other places.

For instance, his family was among some of the people who relocated to other areas. While his father worked, Dr. Saad Saad’s mother boarded the bus and left with her children. Without the key, she hoped for an earlier return which was never the case.

Later, his father learned that the family had relocated to West Bank after searching for them for a very long time. By the help of a boat, he crossed the river to the other side of the land where he found them. At that time, he worked in the petroleum industry as a skilled mechanic.

The skilled laborers would produce oil and help in its transportation towards the middle east. Though Dr. Saad Saad spent much time in Kuwait learning from his father, the later would remind him of the toughness of life. Since his family did not have any future, Dr. Saad Saad’ s father warned him to work hard in life so that he could receive respect in the future.

His turning point

While in high school, he visited a construction site in Kuwait. At that time, the weather was scorching; hence he fainted. When he regained his consciousness, he realized that the was meant to be a doctor. Since the country contained only one conditioned hospital, the doctor thought that it would be useful to venture in the field.


The weather motivated him to pursue a career in medicine hence being a resourceful in society. Besides, he urges the youth to pursue their dreams regardless of their background. For instance, he gives an example of a successful Palestinian refugee in a refugee as a motivation to them.

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