Jose Hawilla in Business and Journalism

The Brazilian mogul, Mr. Jose Hawilla, has spent several decades of his career working in business and has been through the industries of sports, business ownership, and media.

Mr. Jose Hawilla was born and raised in Sao Jose Rio de Preto in Sao Paulo. He became a journalist with a focus on sports journalism working in the field for over a decade and occupying a variety of positions such as a television reporter, sports presenter, sports commentator, and many others.

Mr. Jose Hawilla became the owner of a football team under the name of Rego Glob. At the time, very few people in business believed that it was possible to make money off of a football team as most were convinced that the expenses of owning one were far higher than the earnings could ever be. Mr. Jose Hawilla believed otherwise and acquired the team. His ownership was successful and profitable, and that set off a trend among the Brazilan business community.

Working in the media industry, Mr. Jose Hawilla was the owner of a number of newspapers for the interior of the bustling city of Sao Paulo. The publications were dedicated to a district and Mr. Jose Hawilla was the owner of most of them. In 2009, Mr. Jose Hawilla purchased the Daily Newspaper of Sao Paulo which had been established in 1884. The original name was The Public Newspaper but it had been renamed after it was acquired by the Infoglobo in 2001.

Next, up in his business career, Mr. Jose Hawilla took a challenge to become a company owner and leader. Together with three of his business partners, Mr. Jose Hawilla purchased the company under the name of Traffic. It specialized in advertising on bus stops. Now the business does advertising on stadium ad billboards as well and its growing fast in its line of work.

Mr. Jose Hawilla extends his advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. After decades in business, Mr. Jose Hawilla has learned that the most important personality trait is dedication to your goal. He believes that that will provide you will focus and determination as well.

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