Luiz Carlos Trabuco Takes Up Position Of Chairman At Bradesco

Bradesco, one of the largest private banks in Europe has proven time and again that they are the company to beat. The company has an incredible history, and a lot of the development and growth that the company experienced could be attributed to the work that its leaders have done.

Recently, the company had to bid farewell to the chairman of the company, who served in his position for over twenty-five years. The chairman had reached the age of ninety-one and decided that it was time for him to retire. He stood as the longest standing chairman of the company and was one of the oldest banking chairmen in the entire company. There is no doubt that his contribution to Bradesco was incredible, and notable as well. The company has blossomed under his care and has transitioned brilliantly through shifting markets.

With the retirement of this banking chairman, the question of who could step into power was something that emerged not just in the company, but the entirety of the financial sector. Since these are some of the most important positions within the company, Bradesco decided that someone who has been working with them for a long while will probably be the best fit for them. To this effect, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was elected to the position of Chairman of the company.

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Trabuco has been serving as the President of the company for the past couple of years. He is someone who truly knows the company inside out, having worked for them for most of his adult life. Trabuco’s first job in his professional career was working as a bank teller for the Bradesco bank that was in his locality. He worked for the first couple of years in this position before he realized that it was time for him to climb up the corporate ladder and become a notable person in the industry. He knew that it would be hard for him to get to the top, but if he put in enough hard work and dedication, he would be able to get to a high enough position in the sector. With that plan of action, Trabuco set out to take on the industry.

One of the first executive positions that Trabuco held was when he worked as the CEO of Bradesco Seguros, which is the banking and life insurance section of the company. It is also commonly known to be one of the biggest and most profitable subsidiaries of the company, which is why the leader guiding the employees should be proficient at what he or she does and must be able to lead the company on a path of development. Even though this was an incredibly hard position to fill out, Trabuco did it effortlessly, further demonstrating his leadership skills and ability to lead Bradesco as a whole.

After spending a considerable amount of time working as the CEO to the company, he was asked if he wanted to step in as the President of the company. He had been working for his entire career to get to this level and had finally made it, only to be known as one of the most influential people in the banking and financial sector in Brazil.

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