New Movie Coming Up Featuring Rebel Wilson

The road to becoming a star is a rough and messy one. People only want to hear of an already made celebrity. No one cares about them when they are struggling to get there.

It is just the way the world operates. As much as you may promise that you are a potential star in any industry, no one believes until you perform and the audience/consumers go wild for you. Rebel Wilson used this path to become the Hollywood star she is today. She now has the liberty to say no to some projects.

Rebel Wilson has gone through hardships such as failed relationships, and doubters who felt she was too small for the roles she was undertaking and her ambitions. Also, growing up, she was a chubby baby and was shy. She admits she had social disorders and being around people other than her family made her very uncomfortable.

One day her mother drove her to an acting class. Wilson says that she literally had to peel her off the car. Wilson desperately begged her mother to stay, but she left and promised to be back in two hours.

In an interview, Rebel laughs saying that her family thinks she is not funny at all. In fact, they all think they are funnier than her. She challenges them asking them which comedies they have produced. Maybe she has family genes to thank for her successful career.

Rebel says that she was still stuck to her shy personality when she read that a person’s personality is defined by age 15. She had to work towards strengthening her character. She, therefore, took a step and began engaging in debates and clubs to become more outspoken.

During this phase, her drama teacher, Mrs Bowmaker encouraged her to participate in the Tournament of Minds. She had finally hit her personality definition deadline at 14. She thanks her teacher saying she doesn’t think she could have come this far was it not for her. Read more: Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book  and Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

Unlike many women who are disturbed by their weight and looks, Rebel Wilson is not one of them. She says that she has always been that girl who doesn’t give a damn about her weight.

However, she says that been in public eyes has forced her to be a little bit sensitive, and living in LA has also taught her a lot about health. She now drinks green juices and is trying to go gluten-free. However, she still eats her ice cream or food on a good or bad day. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Wilson’s fans have something to look forward to next year thanks to her upcoming comedy movie, Isn’t it Romantic? The movie features her as Natalie, a girl who hates romantic comedies in real life, and thinks they are a fairy tale.

This is until she is robbed and as she tries to run away, she hits her head really hard. When she wakes, she finds herself in another world; the romantic comedy world she hates.

The fans are excited about the movie since the release of the official trailer. This is an achievement for Rebel Wilson because she finally gets to produce a film.