The Elite Expansion of Gulf Coast Western

Texas is home to the most forward oil and gas success and Gulf Coast Western of Dallas is no exception.

Founded in 1970, this oil and gas leader has achieved immense success through their integrity and intelligence. Lead by president and CEO Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western’s dedication has earned them a rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

Fleeger began his entrepreneurial journey at Southern Methodist University. Following in his father’s footsteps with ambition, he worked for years to gain the knowledge and experience of the oil and gas industry that would come in handy later when he lead the family company. Since 2007, Fleeger has fearlessly lead the company that his father started with pride.

Expertly managing risk combined with an aggressive ability to expand gives Gulf Coast Western the edge in the South. This grand LLC has climbed to southern domination from its humble beginnings in the hills of Texas. Through smart partnerships and honest transparency, Gulf Coast Western has grown significantly and truly earned their acres. Locations in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and even Colorado have been obtained through their numerous deals. By making savvy acquisitions, this Texas-born empire has set an example for the rest of the industry.

As its name suggests, Gulf Coast Western focuses their research and resources on the oil-rich Gulf Coast reserves. However, their focus is not by any means their limitation. With partnerships already spreading as far north as Colorado, this company has made it clear that they plan to expand.

The key to the vast coverage that Gulf Coast Western boasts is the ability to seamlessly manage work within partnerships. The navigation of these deals is a key component of the industry that Gulf Coast Western has mastered. Combining skills and resources with the spirit of collaboration makes the company that much stronger.